Our story

The beginning

My name is Keith. As a lover of cider since my early teens, both drinking and making it, I was surprised to see when I came to Hungary in 2007, that you could only buy cider in cans. Limited to 2-3 commercial brands totally overpriced I thought there could be an opportunity here to give the Hungarian people a real true cider drink, after all apples were abundant in Hungary so I was told.

I then set out doing some research, apple types found here, rules and regulations etc. and soon came across my partner in crime, Andi, who shared the same passion for cider as I did. She studied horticulture at the university, so she had all the required qualifications for making cider.

Together over the next few years’ we endeavoured in to collate the information required to create a business, eventually setting up in 2014. Our first test cider batches then followed.

Our own cider

Whilst some of these turned out good for drinking, more skill and information was required and not from the books. It was the experience, so I set of to work for a small cider producer in Somerset England.

After weeks of hard graft, both physically and mentally, plus gaining some good cider friends along the way, we were determined more than ever to achieve our goal. ‘To Make Hungarian Cider’

So here we are today producing and giving to you truly handcrafted Hungarian cider.


The apples that we use are sourced locally, which are handpicked from the trees to avoid bruising. We use several different types of apple, each has a different characteristic that produces a different cider taste either on its own or when blended.  

So from the press of the apples using the old traditional rack and cloth method right through to the bottling every care has been taken to provide you with an authentic true cider. Just 100% apple.

Our ciders

Handcrafted Hungarian cider just made the traditional English way.

Get them, taste them

You can find more and more places in Budapest where you can get Maddog

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