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MadDog Bites

The original cider

MadDog our branded cider is a lightly effervescent traditional craft cider made from a blend of Hungarian apples. It has a refreshing cider apple taste with a just a hint of sharpness.

Colour: Clear, slightly cloudy and golden/light brown in colour
Taste: Dry to medium
ABV: 6,5%

Blackberry Cider

A Lightly effervescent apple and blackberry cider with just a hint of bitterness that a blackcurrant can give.

Colour: Dark purple
Taste: medium to sweet

Ginger cider

A Lightly effervescent apple and ginger cider. This cider provides you a warm ginger kick when drunk.

Colour: Slightly cloudy, light brown in colour
Taste: Dry to medium, spicy

Mulled cider

A still spiced cider which can be drunk hot or cold. Mixed spices, orange and lemon juice makes this an excellent winter warmer when drunk hot.

Colour: Cloudy
Taste: Sweet, fruity and spicy

About us

Cant find what you like? Make it yourself!
If you want to know why we have started to make our own cider, read more!

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